How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make (Is It Worth It?)

The average salary for a yoga instructor in the U.S. is $41,193 per year, with an additional $22,873 per year coming from tips, bonuses, and related sources of income, bringing the total pay to $64,066.

With that said, the salary of a yoga instructor varies greatly depending on the country you live in, the type of yoga you teach, how you package your offerings., etc.

But there are some general paths a yoga teacher can take to have a successful career.

So, let’s look at whether being a yoga instructor is worth it, how to become one, and tips to be more successful.

Can You Make a Living as a Yoga Instructor?

The short answer is it depends!

Some yoga teachers choose to work at a single yoga studio, whereas others work at multiple. At the same time, some yoga teachers become entrepreneurs and form their own businesses or open their own yoga studios.

The paths for a yoga teacher are almost infinite, and it really depends on the person!

But in general, you can absolutely make a living as a yoga teacher if you play your cards right. Like any career path, the success of a yoga teacher depends significantly on how much work they put into it and their creativity in finding new streams of income and building a client base.

Is Being a Yoga Instructor Worth It?

Finding your passion

If you are passionate about yoga and love helping others, then being a yoga instructor is absolutely worth it! The life of a yoga teacher is freeing, and it truly allows you to follow your dreams.

Does the idea of spending all day teaching or talking about yoga make you feel excited or inspired? If so, becoming a yoga teacher might be the right journey for you!

But like any career, there are pros and cons to becoming a yoga teacher. Some positives include:

  • You get to practice yoga frequently
  • You get to help people heal physically and mentally
  • You are engaging in a subject that is nourishing to your soul

However, some cons might include:

  • It can be difficult to find steady work
  • The pay from certain studios isn’t always ideal
  • Packing your day with too many classes can be physically exhausting

It is essential to find balance in your work as a yoga teacher. There are many different settings and ways to work in the yoga field, so try exploring various options to find what works best for you.

How Much Do You Get Paid Per Class as a Yoga Teacher?

Generally, a teacher’s pay for a group yoga class at a studio or gym in the United States can range from $15 to $85 per hour. For private classes, the range may be from $30 to $200 or more, depending on the teacher’s experience level and the setting.

As mentioned, the pay per class largely depends on your country and city. Wealthier countries and bigger cities will offer a higher wage per class. Additionally, if you teach online or run your own courses, you may be able to make more since you will keep all the payments from the classes instead of it going to the studio owner.

Most yoga studios pay yoga teachers as independent contractors, so no health insurance or other benefits are typically provided. It is essential to factor in these costs as well, in addition to driving time between studios if you teach in multiple locations.

Do Yoga Studios Make Money?

A yoga studio can undoubtedly be lucrative, depending on the location and styles offered. Yoga has become a billion-dollar industry with studios now spread across the world, and the popularity of yoga seems to only grow with time.

Particularly with the growth of online studios, yoga teachers can now begin to easily open their own online yoga studios and create a niche client base to grow their audience. But for many yoga studios and schools, the primary money source is their yoga teacher training programs. The opportunities for yoga studios and yoga teachers are more significant than ever.

How Do I Get a Job as a Yoga Teacher?

The first step to getting a job as a yoga teacher is completing your certification. As a certified yoga instructor, you will have the foundational credentials to be qualified to teach in a studio, gym, or wellness center. Check out our guide to the types of yoga certifications for more information.

Often, yoga studios prefer that a teacher has some experience before becoming a new teacher at their studio.

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So, you may start by offering free yoga classes in the park or to friends and family to grow your skills. Then, you can search for yoga studios, gyms, and wellness centers in your local area and send in your yoga resume.

A yoga resume typically includes any information about your yoga training, teaching experience, and special skills. Try to make your yoga resume stand out more from the crowd by adding any personal details or unique experiences. Some yoga teachers also have a personal website, video, or photos to display their skills.

It is also good to try and form a relationship with the yoga studio or gym by going in person, taking some classes from other teachers, or having a conversation with the owner. This can also allow you to better understand the work environment and determine whether it is somewhere you would enjoy teaching.

Once you start teaching at a studio and get at least one weekly class on the schedule, it is much easier to grow your classes either at the same studio or at other studios in your area. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it will become to grow a dedicated student base, increase your class sizes, and gain more teaching opportunities.

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How Can I Become a Successful Yoga Teacher?

Becoming a successful yoga teacher takes time and dedication, but it is certainly possible!

Remain a Student

The first step to becoming a successful yoga teacher is always to remain a dedicated yoga student. The world of yoga is incredibly vast, and by staying dedicated to your own learning, you can continue to grow your skills and offer more to your students.

Your students will also feel your dedication to the practice of yoga, and it will come through in how you embody these practices. The authentic teachings of yoga cannot be taught directly; they are felt by your warmth and presence with others.

So, the more you grow your skills as a dedicated yoga student, the better teacher you will become.

Teach Often

Additionally, becoming a successful yoga teacher really requires one key piece: teaching more!

The more you teach, the more you will grow your skills, and the better you will be able to find new opportunities. A key factor for every successful yoga teacher is having some creativity and wisdom to forge their own path.

So, Is Yoga a Good Career?

Ultimately whether or not yoga is a promising career really depends on you! If you are passionate about yoga, pursuing a career in this field can be profoundly nourishing and revitalizing.

Like any career, it can sometimes be difficult to find financial success. But if you define success more based on happiness and fulfillment, working as a yoga teacher can bring you closer to that goal.

If working as a yoga teacher feels like your life calling, then don’t hesitate! Life is too short to delay your dreams, and exploring the world of yoga can take a lifetime.

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