What Is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is a wonderful way to introduce your little one to the world of movement and stretching while also spending some time moving your own body in a healthy way. It’s one of the best ways to get back into a movement practice following the birth of your baby! And what’s more, you’ll meet lots of other moms who are on the same journey as you.

In this article, we will learn about the benefits of baby yoga, what it is, when to practice, and how to practice. We’ll also be sharing a few of our favorite baby yoga poses and online classes so that you can get started today!

Baby Yoga Definition

Baby yoga is all about giving your little one the opportunity to use their new and exciting body parts to move and stretch.

It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your baby after birth – you’ll spend time together in a supportive environment dedicated to helping you create the most beautiful and warm experience with your little one. Not to mention, it’s a great reason to get out of the house and socialize for an hour or so!

As well as being beneficial for movement and bonding, baby yoga will also help to teach your baby how to relax. During classes, your baby will experience how it feels to be quiet, calm, and still – and so will you! With soothing music and gentle poses, baby yoga is likely to be exactly what you need during this transformative time.

Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is a little bit different from other styles of yoga in that your baby is likely to be doing as much, if not more, movement than you. Let’s look at the benefits of baby yoga for both you and your baby.

Increased comfort

Spending time in a calm environment where they get to watch your smiling and happy face will do wonders for making your baby feel more comfortable in the world.


Touching and gently moving your baby’s body with a smile will promote bonding between you and your baby. This will help your little one feel safe and comfortable when they’re with you.

Improved sleep

Gentle movement and manipulation of the body can help your baby develop a more regular sleep-wake cycle – perfect if those long nights are beginning to get unbearable!

Developmental benefits

Moving their bodies, being around new people, and experiencing something new will all help to enhance your baby’s growth – both physically, socially, and psychologically.

Social experience

The social aspect of attending a baby yoga class will be beneficial for both you and your baby. But although your baby will benefit from being around others, all they really need at this time is you. The most important social aspect of baby yoga classes is that you, as a parent, get to meet with other parents, share your concerns, and maybe even build yourself a beautiful support network of mothers!

When to Practice Baby Yoga

Baby yoga, in most studios, can be started once your baby has reached six weeks of age. This is also the safest time to begin any form of exercise following the birth of your little one.

Baby Yoga Poses

Baby yoga poses include:

Gentle leg bounce

Lay your baby on their back and bring their feet off the floor, so their knees are at a 90-degree angle. Gently hold onto your baby’s ankles and bounce your baby’s legs to help them relax. This is a great way to start any baby yoga flow and help your baby recognize that it’s time to do some yoga!

Knees to chest

With your baby on their back, gently bring their knees to their chest. From here, make small clockwise circles with the knees to improve hip mobility, aid digestion, and massage their lower back. Once you’ve practiced a few circles, you can reverse the direction of their knees.

Gentle arm bounce

With your baby on their back, bring their arms out to the sides and allow a bend in their elbows. Gently hold your baby’s wrists away from the ground and then bounce the arms just slightly to help their arms relax.

Arm circles

Once you’ve relaxed your baby’s arms with a gentle arm bounce (see above), keep a gentle hold on your baby’s wrists and bring them up and overhead, then around in big circles to mobilize the shoulder joints.


As well as being fun for slightly older babies, this is a great way to encourage tummy time in younger babies! Start by placing a long pillow (or two) next to your left leg – these will serve as a place for your baby’s head to rest. Lay your baby across your legs, on their tummy, with their forehead resting on the cushions. Gently roll your baby down your legs, ensuring that their head remains on the cushions and always watching for cues from your baby. Once your baby is at your ankles, you might like to take a stretch by reaching for your toes or ankles and bringing your head towards your baby.

Important: Whenever you practice baby yoga, it’s important to pay close attention to your baby’s responses and cues. If it’s quite clear that they’re not enjoying a certain pose, stop, and try something else! The great thing about attending a baby yoga class is that you can check with your yoga teacher if you’re unsure about something.

How to Practice Baby Yoga

The safest way to start a baby yoga practice is to head to a local class. That way, you’ll learn how to move your baby’s body correctly without risking injury. After that, you might like to repeat some of the movements at home as part of your morning or bedtime routine.

If you prefer to get started with baby yoga at home, here are a few short videos that take you through some of the most basic stretches for your baby’s little body.

Start Baby Yoga at Home

If you can’t make it to a yoga studio or simply want to try baby yoga at home, check out these follow-along videos.

Baby Yoga FAQs

What Age Is Baby Yoga For?

Baby yoga can be started once your baby is six weeks old. However, you might benefit more from the class if you wait until your baby can hold their head up (around three months old).

What Happens at Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga classes will usually begin with a warm-up, including movements to help your baby relax and get comfortable in their environment. The core of the class will involve lots of gentle stretches for your baby as well as playtime and time to relax. Baby yoga classes are also likely to involve a bit of movement for the parents.

Why Is Baby Yoga So Important?

Baby yoga is important because it helps your baby build a mind-body connection while stretching and improving movement in their limbs, joints, and spine. It’s also a wonderful way to bond with your baby and meet other new parents!

Important: Check with your doctor before trying baby yoga for the first time if you have any type of injury, illness, pain, or you are pregnant.

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