What to Wear to Aerial Yoga

If you’ve never tried Aerial Yoga, attending your first class can be daunting. While it has many benefits, it’s also very different from other types of yoga.

When you do yoga, your outfit can make or break the practice. Of course, aerial yoga comes with additional considerations due to the nature of this unusual practice.

So, let’s learn what to wear to aerial yoga so you can safely practice this unique and invigorating style!

What to Wear to an Aerial Yoga Class

For an aerial yoga class, you’ll want to wear tight-fitting clothing that fully covers the body and allows for a full range of motion.

Let’s break each of these (and more) down to understand why they are so important to safely practice aerial yoga.

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Full Coverage

Aerial yoga is practiced with a yoga hammock made from stretchy silk fabric. This type of material is great for accommodating various body positions.

However, due to the close contact with the body, too much friction can cause a burn. For example, some aerial yoga poses require wrapping the silk around the limbs or torso.

The best prevention for this is to wear clothing that gives your body enough coverage, with the ideal clothing combo being full-length leggings or joggers and a top that covers the midsection.

No Loose Clothing

Even in the more traditional yoga styles, loose clothing is frowned upon.

In inverted positions, it can drape over your face and obscure your vision. In the context of aerial yoga, there is an additional risk that a loose garment will get wrapped around the yoga hammock, resulting in you getting stuck.

If you have long hair, it’s a good idea to have it tied back for the same reason.

Full Range of Movement

Wear something that will allow you to move without restriction. Avoid tight fabrics like denim or linen.

Instead, opt for a cotton or polyester blend. There is a reason why workout clothes are made from stretchy fabrics!

Moisture Wicking

Like other forms of exercise, aerial yoga can really make you sweat.

Thankfully, you no longer have to be trapped in sweaty clothes for the entire session. Many sports garments are now created using moisture-wicking technology, allowing you to practice comfortably.

Tip: Check out our guide on how to do aerial yoga at home for more practice and safety tips.

Can I Wear Shorts to Aerial Yoga?

You can wear shorts to aerial yoga, but be mindful of the potential for friction burn, and if they are loose fitting, you may expose yourself in ways you didn’t intend!

Can I Wear Socks to Aerial Yoga?

Really, it depends on the difficulty of your aerial yoga practice, as well as your personal preference.

For a slower, restorative aerial session, you may opt to wear socks to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

On the other hand, the more vigorous sequence would benefit from direct skin contact for a better grip.

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